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KFA - Tireless World

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As part of a new initiative KFA has secured the domain name and is actively working with tire industry companies including affiliates, consultants, equipment supply companies and tire recycling associations to promote the recycling of used scrap tires around the world. The plan is to use exclusive scrap tire manipulated photo images taken by Keith on trips around the world and use these with the slogan – “SUPPORT A TIRELESS WORLD.” Later the initiative will include fund raising to increase awareness of this global problem via the Tireless World™ platform under development and via social media.

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Original exclusive Tireless WorldTM artwork/NFT images – KFA Images California ©


An average car tire will travel more than 20-50,000 miles over its lifetime, but when they have reached end of life, they are destined for the tire graveyard. In Kuwait City's Sulaibiya area for example every year gigantic holes are dug out in the sandy earth and filled with old tires - there are now over seven million in the ground. This is a major long-standing tire recycling problem which is an ongoing project that has yet to be resolved, pending government support and financially viable solutions that continue to be evaluated locally. In the USA state and local government has been mandating the use of asphalt rubber for many years in many new road programs to reduce landfills filled with scrap tires and to maximize the benefits of the material including long life expectancy and significant noise reduction in built up urban areas. 



This has included setting up several vertically integrated tire recycling plants producing crumb rubber for incorporation into asphalt rubber pilot projects, as well as other value-added product applications including flooring tiles for gyms, sound underlayment for high rise construction,


Also, the European landfill directive means that this type of 'waste disposal would be illegal in Europe - since 2006 EU rules have banned the disposal of tires in landfill sites, leaving about 480,000 tons of recyclable shredded rubber each year. In the UK, all car and truck tires must be recovered, recycled, and reused. Currently, more than 80 per cent of the fifty-five million used tires generated in Britain are processed via the Responsible Recycler Scheme. The scheme ensures full traceability and accountability of waste tires throughout the disposal chain, from collection through to their final reuse in an environmentally friendly or acceptable method. Materials from properly recycled tires are used for a variety of uses including a children’s playground, running tracks, artificial sports pitches, fuel for cement kilns, carpet underlay, equestrian arenas, and flooring.

Keith Fryer has been associated with the tire recycling & construction industry sector for many years and has been involved with market development work in Germany and the Middle East Gulf States - where Keith spent more than five years living and working in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Strategic alliances have been established and a new KFA focus is being developed in collaboration with KSA to introduce innovative technologies and know-how in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere around the world based on 30+ years tire-recycling & construction industry project management experience.

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